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About Marketing
Marketing directly impacts on the greatest factor effecting a purchase decision - the attitude towards an organisation, its people, products and services.

Marketing can be a simple as having a logo that accurately represents your company's culture or as complicated as devising a national campaign, integrating a number of marketing tools.

What ever your needs, Our Marketing Department can help.

Why Our Marketing Department?
We offer clients an honest, straight-forward approach to marketing.

We have experience devising marketing activities at the regional, state and national level for a vast range of clients from a variety of industries.

We also offer all of the tools for your marketing success:

  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Sales promotion
  • Research
  • Corporate identity
  • Creative services
  • Production

We use a mix of these tools after assessing the needs of your business, so your business gets a customised marketing blueprint.

After meeting you we will know if we can help and if we can't we will be up front about that too and point you in the right direction.

Our methods

The first step in working with Our Marketing Department is meeting you to ascertain your needs. Because we need to understand your business and your customers, we will ask you lots of questions. All information you provide is treated as "Commercial in Confidence".

Before beginning any work, Our Marketing Department presents you with a proposal detailing your objectives, the marketing tools to be used and the cost of activities.

Cost estimates
Detailed cost estimates are supplied for client approval prior to proceeding with any project.

Client service
We aim to provide proactive, professional service to our clients delivered with your timelines in mind.

Our Marketing Department wants to have happy clients, so they keep coming back! We welcome your suggestions about how to best work with you and your business.

Contact Reports
All activities following an initial proposal are outlined in a Contact Report which details Our Marketing Department's understanding of the activities commissioned by you, the client.

We understand that you are busy running your business. Our Marketing Department provides an agenda the day prior to meeting so that you know exactly what topics are to be covered and you can provide input.

We ask that you approve any materials that we produce on your behalf before production or distribution. This is your chance to thoroughly check media releases, advertisements, scripts or brochure copy or anything else that is issued in your company's name.

Invoices are issued on a monthly basis in arrears or throughout/following completion of a project. Timesheets accompany invoices sent to clients electing to work with us on an hourly basis.

Because we are committed to meeting your deadlines, we are particular that our invoices are paid within seven days. If your payment cycle is longer, please let us know.

We understand that for small business, every dollar is carefully budgeted. If you need some marketing activity and only have a small budget we can still help. We provide the advice and you provide the action.

Other clients use us to cover all their marketing activities. Our Marketing Department offers flexibility with fees - you can choose the option that suits the level of marketing support you need and your marketing budget.

Hourly basis
Like other professionals such as lawyers and accountants we can work on an hourly basis between $55 and $110 per hour excluding GST, depending on the activity. Administration related activities are a lower hourly rate than strategic activities. We invoice at the end of the month, providing you with a copy of timesheets kept throughout that month.

If you have a set budget per month, we can alert you when your allocated amount of time is approaching so that you can control the flow of work and its related costs.

Ancillaries (local and STD telephone calls, photocopying, faxing, emails, laser prints, postage etc) are billed at 5% of the monthly total of hours.

Project fee
This is an all-inclusive fee to undertake a marketing project such as managing an event, writing a marketing plan or implementing a PR campaign.

Following your brief, we calculate the amount of time we anticipate the project will take and provide a cost estimate for your approval.

Ancillaries are included in this project fee.

Monthly retainer
A retainer is paid monthly for agreed marketing activities. This option gives clients billing assurance as they can budget for their marketing activities throughout the year.

Ancillaries (local and STD telephone calls, photocopying, faxing, emails, laser prints, postage etc) are billed at 5% of the monthly retainer.