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These services are the marketing tools that Our Marketing Department can use to build a customised marketing blueprint for your business.

Public Relations
Public Relations (PR) involves managing the communication from a business to the public domain to influence the target audience and therefore their purchasing decision.

As newspaper editorial coverage is seen as more credible and believable than an advertisement communicating the same information, a company may elect to use a PR campaign rather than an advertising campaign.

Some of the tools that Our Marketing Department can use to develop and implement a PR or communications strategy include:

Media relations/publicity
Media releases, media articles and features that are ready to publish as editorial in newspapers and magazines or approaching electronic media to cover an interest story.

Internal relations
Auditing the communication processes within a company to identify problems and design optimal systems.

Managing the relationship between companies and sponsors for mutual benefit. We have had experience managing Olympic and Commonwealth Games sponsorships - they don't come more complicated!

Events management
Sometimes the best way to get your message across is to hold an event. We can help with the theme, invitations, speeches and management from inception to completion.

Media/presentation training
We can help you to get your message heard by the media of an industry group without damaging the public's perception of your company.

Community consultation
This involves talking to community stakeholders to identify their issues and feedback and incorporating this into a mutually acceptable solution.

Government relations
Liaison with government officials for strategy or project development, implementation or for policy formulation.

Issues and crisis management
Identification of issues and the documentation of procedures to protect a company's public profile.

Advertising your product or service can be confusing and expensive. Here are a few questions to test your knowledge.

Do you know ...
... how the ratings for television advertising are calculated?
... which day your local paper has the best circulation?
... the difference between a publication's circulation and readership?
... the age group that listens to the radio station you have advertised on?

If you answered "no" to any of these Our Marketing Department can help - from the design and layout of an ad for the local paper to designing and booking a campaign using a mix of media including web based advertising.

Our Marketing Department can devise

  • Corporate advertising
  • Product advertising

In these mediums

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Press
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • New media

In the following ways

  • Plan a media schedule
  • Negotiate media rates on your behalf
  • Book media
  • Design the ad creative - print and electronic
  • Analyse the results
  • Provide a post-campaign report to ensure that the media campaign booked went appeared as booked.

Direct Marketing
Why waste money on advertising that talks to everybody when you can talk direct to your target market and save your business money.

Direct marketing is not about "junk mail", it is personalised and appropriate communication targeted straight to your buyer.

Direct marketing involves

  1. Identifying your target market
  2. Securing their contact details using commercial lists, a yellow or white pages search, the database from your business or other means 3. Creating a database
  3. Designing material that will appeal to your target audience
  4. Distributing a mailer by post or email
  5. Analysis of the response against industry standards

Some of the advantages of direct marketing are:

  • You know almost immediately if the creative is working
  • You know the exact cost of each customer response
  • You can test a number of approaches and their response rates before rolling out a full campaign

Direct marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of communicating with your target audience. Our Marketing Department can help devise a direct marketing campaign for your business.

It is widely accepted that 80% of sales are from 20% of customers.

What would happen if your business lost its major client?

Research can reveal which of your clients are not likely to use your product/service in the future, why they won't and what you can do about it.

You might be surprised about what your clients have to say.

Our Marketing Department can provide quantitative and qualitative research at a local, state and national level inside your company or outside it.

This type of research seeks to quantify issues of concern to determine how typical responses are in a certain group.

The success of quantitative research lies in the development of the survey design which can be delivered by direct mail, email, face-to-face or by telephone.

Qualitative research probes people's reasons for their motivations, perceptions and actions. This type of research provides valuable insight into why people think the way they do - their attitudes and values. It is also a useful method for generating and assessing ideas and is the perfect vehicle for testing a new advertising campaign.

Methods of qualitative research include focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Corporate Identity
Every time a customer sees your product or service, they form an attitude about your business. This attitude will influence their decision to purchase from your business.

What message will a potential customer form if they see a "cheapest price" message in one communication, followed by a "premium pricing" message?

They will be confused.

If they are confused about what you are trying to sell, customers won't buy.

Corporate Identity includes the areas of

Logo design
Does your logo represent what your business does? What message is it giving to prospective customers?

Corporate livery
Is your stationery, signage etc consistently delivering one message?

Corporate profile
Prospective customers will want to know a little about your business to decide if they want to form a relationship (purchase) with you. Areas of interest are how long you have been in business, your staff and the services you offer. This information might be in a brochure, as a CD Rom, as a PowerPoint presentation or as a web site.

What message is your advertising, web site etc delivering? Is it the same message as the logo?

If your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is "superior service", are your sales team following through? How is this USP measured?

How does it work?
Our Marketing Department uses a number of steps to audit your company's corporate identity at the internal and external levels.

We then work with you to implement steps to improve the identity of your business with your own people and the messages that the public receives.

Design & Creative
Our Marketing Department's creative capabilities include the design of print and electronic materials. Our scope of services stretch from designing your logo to writing and storyboarding your television ad.

Some of the design/creative projects we can undertake for you include:


  • Logo design
  • Business stationery
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Point of sale material
  • Annual reports
  • Promotional folders
  • Advertisements
  • Newsletters
  • Radio ads
  • Television ads
  • Web sites
  • Corporate videos


  • Radio scripts
  • Television advertisement scripts
  • Television ad storyboards
  • Copywriting

How many times have you been delivered a brochure that doesn't look like you thought it would, or costs more?

We pride ourselves on delivering a first class job, on time and on budget.

It may be a newsletter, an annual report, even a television ad.

Our Marketing Department supervises the job throughout the production process so that you get the job that you approved.

We ask you to approve the artwork and the cost before we proceed with production - that way you know exactly what to expect.

Sales Promotion
Have you ever bought an item because you get something free?

Most of us have.

Sometimes a little incentive will help increase your sales.

Our Marketing Department can help you design a sales promotion that will not only increase your sales but also show you how to use the names you collect in the process for future marketing activities.