Director Creative Director Associates

Janet Kieseker is a marketing professional with experience working Sydney advertising and direct marketing agencies and for one of Queensland's top ten public relations consultancies. She is the director of Our Marketing Department.

Janet has been responsible for managing accountable regional and national marketing campaigns for clients in a range of industries and is able to call upon a vast range of marketing skills to tailor a solution to suit each client's needs.

Her areas of practised expertise include:

  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Sales promotion
  • Research
  • Corporate identity
  • Creative services
  • Production

A number of the integrated marketing campaigns that Janet has devised and implemented have won international awards, including:

  • Glad/Chux Commonwealth Games (Usage/loading)
  • Alka Seltzer Recovery (Pharmaceutical)
  • NationalPak Escape (Business to Business)
  • Club Med Singles (Travel & Leisure)

Janet Kieseker has qualifications in teaching, business (advertising & marketing) and horticulture.

Creative Director
Kati Woods is Our Marketing Department's creative director. With extensive experience in advertising, graphic design and marketing, Kati is able to deliver customised creative solutions. Her expertise includes:

  • Corporate identity: logo and stationery redesign
  • Development of branding in line with marketing objectives
  • Marketing materials: brochures, point of sale, presentation tools
  • Advertising concept creation and production
  • Integration of your message through multimedia
  • Web design and consultation

Kati works with the director and associates of Our Marketing Department to ensure effective flow through of your brand or message across all marketing activities.

Our Marketing Department can call upon a range of associates with specific areas of expertise to deliver the best solution for clients.

These professionals are qualified and have practised skills in the areas of photography, design, illustration, copywriting, printing, electronic advertisement production, research and web related products and services.

The associates we use have a proven track record of working with Our Marketing Department and have consistently delivered excellence to give our clients the best possible result.