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The greatest factor effecting a purchasing decision is the attitude towards an organisation, its people, products and services.

Marketing is a specialist activity that directly impacts on the attitudes of consumers.

Marketing can either make or break a business.

Why attempt to tackle your own marketing when you can use Our Marketing Department?

We are a one-stop-shop providing imaginative marketing solutions for clients with marketing challenges. We have the experience to use a range of marketing tools to develop a marketing blueprint for your business.

Because we believe the solution lies in the problem, we spend some time talking to you to ascertain your needs.

How does it work?

STEP 1 We identify the marketing problem.

Our discussions will reveal if your business has an evaporating client base, the need to establish a corporate identity, an opportunity to launch a new product or produce a new brochure.

STEP 2 Our Marketing Department provides a creative marketing solution.

We use a flexible combination of marketing tools including Public Relations, Advertising, Sales Promotion, Research, Creative Services, Direct Marketing, Production and Corporate Identity services.

These tools are developed into your customised solution - your marketing blueprint.

STEP 3 Get your message heard.

There's no point advertising if your target market don't watch that station or read that publication. Getting heard means having the right message sent in the right channel to reach your target market. This might be a personalised letter, an editorial story in the news, some dynamic signage or an event to get your message across.

Our Marketing Department seeks to establish long lasting relationships with clients. After all, our business is based on meeting our clients' objectives, keeping them happy so they keep coming back!

To do this we collaborate with our clients, provide superior client service and work flexibility. We want Our Marketing Department to be an extension of your business.

We believe in

  • Operating ethically
  • Integrity in our relationships
  • A creative approach
  • Accountability for our services

Collaborating with Our Marketing Department provides innovative, progressive solutions, and one more thing; it's fun!

Our Marketing Department is located in Toowoomba, Australia's largest inland provincial city, 90 minutes drive west of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

We welcome your queries. Please contact us using one of the following methods.
Telephone: (07) 4613 4685
Fax: (07) 4636 4995
Mailing address: PO Box 8015 Toowoomba South QLD 4352